Thursday, September 03, 2015

Defenders on Toes!

          Well howdy do partner! Are you ready? Because today we are going to learn how to defend in netball. Let's go!

     "Positioning is all important when defending."

          There is no point in defenders running backwards allowing the attacking player push you down the court. The defenders job is to stay close to her opponent not play chase with her. Defenders should be adopting the side on or side by side style defending and this way you are with the shooter, not being 4 metres in front of her giving the opponent reign up the court taking passes and throws at will. There are a lot of things that a defender have to think about in the court;

  1. Stay in the contest. Learn to use the outside arm to defend with.
  2. Be aware that defender is going to attract the Umpire's attention all the time.
  3. Tap a ball on the rebound if you are sure it will not go out off court.
  4. Put pressure on the shooter as hard as you can and never give her a free reign.
  5. Do not make too many contacts.

          How To Be A Good Defender
  1. Always stay on your toes, not flat footed so that you can take off quickly. 
  2. Practice changing positions with other defender. Get to know your area and do not get in each others way.
  3. Fill vacant spaces so the attackers have to work hard to get the ball.
  4. Communicate with fellow defenders on court.
  5. Practice high jumps everyday so that you can leap higher to intercept the ball or assault shots on goal.
  6. Practice fast foot work with a lot of hassling.
  7. Practice good stretch everyday to prevent shooter from attaining goals.

  1. DO NOT depend everything on your fellow defender. Guide her and give support. Work as a team and NOT individuals.