Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Officials

          Atten-hut! Now pay attention you slackers! In this game, the only order you should obey and not ever question is the referee or so called Umpire. Okay so, this section we are going to know more about the officials of netball. Who knows one day you'll hold the Umpire position. So pay attention.

           There are two division of official; the match officials and the team officials. The match officials consists of Umpire or referee, scorers and timekeeper. Meanwhile, the team officials are made up of coach, manager, captain and up to three personnel whom are responsible to treat injuries and illness of players. The team officials are only allowed to be on the Team Bench.

The timekeeper and scorers

          The Match Officials

Umpire: There shall be two Umpires who will be in control of the game and give decisions. They shall umpire according to the rules and not decide on any matter not covered by the rules. The decisions of the Umpires are unquestionable and must be obeyed. 
  1. Before to start play;
  • Umpires shall inspect the court, its surrounds, goalposts and the ball conform to the rules.
  • Umpires are to check the players for
    • uniforms
    • jewelry
    • adornments
    • the correct length of fingernails
     2.  An Umpire's whistle shall;
  • start and stop the game
  • signal the end of each quarter of half of the game
  • restart the game after an interval
  • signal when an infringement is penalised
  • signal when a goal is scored
  • signal the Timekeeper to hold time for stoppage.
Scorer: There shall be two scorers working together where one of them will be the official scorer for the game.
  1. The scorers shall
  • record the names of players and also the team captain
  • record goals scored for each team as they occur
  • record any suspensions and ordering off may occur.
Timekeeper: There shall be two timekeepers who will:
  • commence timing when game is started
  • to signal the Umpire when it is the end of each quarter or half
  • hold time as instructed by the Umpire

          The Team Officials

Captain: They shall toss for choice of goal end or first centre pass and also the only person who has the right to approach an Umpire during an interval or after the game for clarification.